The Bizarre True Stories Behind These 5 Famous Band Names

Choosing a band name is an incredibly important decision. Once you achieve any degree of fame and recognition, there’s no going back! There’s a lot in a name, especially when the world equates it with your music. Some of the world’s biggest bands have bizarre names, but often the stories behind how the names came to be are even weirder. Hare some of the most interesting stories behind the names of some super popular bands.



KISS is possibly the most unique rock and roll band of all time, and there are some equally unique stories about the origin of its name. Some people believe that KISS is an acronym for “Knights In Satan’s Service”, but the truth is actually far more benign. Guitarist Paul Stanley had previously been in a band called Lips, so he jokingly suggested “Kiss” as a logical continuation of that. His fellow band members loved it, and so a legend was born.

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