The Secret Airplane Cabins Where Flight Attendants Sleep

In the midst of absurdly long layovers and hectic travel schedules, it’s easy to forget that flight attendants are humans too. While their work schedules are constantly fluctuating, especially when traveling internationally, they need sleep just like the rest of us… but they’re constantly stuck on planes.

A little known fact that most frequent flyers don’t even know is that most Boeing 777 and 787 airliners contain a secret passageway leading to a very cramped set of windowless bedrooms. Unfortunately, if you’re a regular in economy seating, you’re out of luck. These are exclusively for the cabin crew.

Up, Up, and Away!

In some older airliners, entry to the sleeping quarters is only through a “secret” hatch that looks just like a standard overhead storage bin…that eats flights attendants. This one in particular can be found on American Airlines Boeing 777-300.

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