These 10 Secluded Beaches Are Absolutely Stunning

When one wants to get away, there is nothing better than a beautiful beach separated?from the rest of the world. There are many beautiful beaches around the globe that offer just that, but these are the best. Whether you’re interested in a place to simply stake your umbrella and feel the warm sand between your toes or trek through a jungle and climb down a rock face to float in crystal clear water with a drink in your hand, this is your guide to 10 of the most secluded beaches in the world.


1. Smuggler’ s Cove, Greece


Smuggler’s Cove in Greece, also known as Navagio Beach and Shipwreck Beach, is incredibly isolated and has stellar views, especially if you make the decision to go base jumping. The beach is located on the coast of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands of Greece. Tucked away below the limestone cliffs is the beach, not only covered in white sand but the piece of history that gave Shipwreck Beach its name. The ship, named Panagiotis, arrived in 1980 when smugglers fleeing the Greek Navy abandoned the ship in this cover. This shipwreck is now the main tourist attraction of the area.


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