Mansions In The Sky: 11 Luxurious Private Jets And The Billionaires Who Own Them

Most of us hate flying, but that’s probably because we’ve never had the chance to travel in our own luxurious private jet. These wealthy people have plenty of reasons to travel the world, so they spent millions of dollars purchasing huge jets and outfitting them in the most luxurious ways imaginable. Here are the most expensive private jets in the world today! Try not to be jealous – they make flying even business class look like a terrible experience.


11. Gulfstream G650 owned by Peter Jackson – Price: $65 million


Sir Peter Jackson is an internationally-acclaimed film director, screenwriter, and film producer. Jackson has worked on a number of films early in his career, but struck gold when he began his work on The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This series was such a hit that he quickly moved on to The Hobbit trilogy. It’s a bit of an understatement to say these two films were a success. Since the initial release of The Fellowship of the Ring in 2001, these two trilogies combined have grossed [brace yourself] $19 billion in international revenue. Since Jackson was director, writer, and producer of both, he walked away with a substantial piece of that pie. So why wouldn’t you buy a G650?

Jackson’s $60 million model can comfortably carry eight passengers and a crew of four. While the G650 is proud of its luxurious amenities, this jet is no slouch when it comes to performance. The G650 can fly faster and further than any aircraft used by the Royal New Zealand Air Force with a top speed of 705 mph and range of 8,000 miles. Jackson keeps this jet with several others near his home in Wellington. When it’s time to suit up for the red carpet or start work on a new film, that flight to LA doesn’t look nearly as daunting as it would for the average kiwi!

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