5 The Craziest Airbnb Rentals Available For You To Rent

These days, travelers are more likely to check Airbnb for their vacation spots than regular hotels. Cost, uniqueness, and availability are all factors, but that’s not all Airbnb has become known for. With just about anything acceptable to rent out as lodging, there are some really crazy listings available now! Whether it’s your own castle or a real actual lighthouse, if you can imagine it, you can probably rent it on Airbnb. Check out these crazy rentals currently available. Who knows, you may find your next vacation spot!


1. Bow Top Elle Gypsy Wagon – Cornwall, UK




Located in Cornwall, UK, this wagon is about as little and charming as it gets. It’s a genuine Bow Top style Gypsy Caravan, originally built by a Romany. This wagon can accommodate two people with one bed, and visitors even get to use a charcoal burning fire pit outside! Adjacent to the wagon is a caravan with other amenities, such as a kitchen and bathroom. You can have the experience of staying in this wagon for just $100 per night!

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