The Bank Accounts Of These 5 Mega-Church Pastors Is Unbelievable

Most of us probably tend to think only of the spiritual benefits of religious beliefs, but it turns out that religion can be good for your bank account as well! There are plenty of money making opportunities, like book deals and public speaking engagements. People are willing to pay a lot to save their souls, so in some senses, religion is almost a business. If that’s the case, these pastors are incredibly successful businessmen. They make millions of dollars every year!

1. Kenneth Copeland

Born and raised in Texas, Kenneth Copeland didn’t convert to Christianity until he was in his late 20s. Today, he’s the wealthiest pastor in America, with an incredible net worth of $760 million! He runs Kenneth Copeland Ministries, which owns a 1,500-acre property just outside Fort Worth in Texas. In addition to a church, the property includes a hangar for the ministry?s $17.5 million jet, a private runway, and a lakefront mansion valued at $6 million.

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