The 9 Most Controversial Dictators in History



Dictators often maintain a perfect public image of themselves, but what goes on behind closed doors is anything but perfect. These 9 known dictators once ruled their countries and government for years. Below we reveal the darkness that overcame them, clouding their judgement and responsibility for their nations.

9. Berlusconi

The former Italian prime minister may have been re-elected three times, but was found out and swiftly taken out of office. His crimes? Paying for sex with an underage prostitute was at the top of the list, followed by abusing his office post. The media tycoon has been rumored to have Mafia connections as well as connections to others that most would find suspicious. He served as Prime Minister for the longest term post-war, but he is most likely to be remembered for the lavish parties he threw than his policies. Claims had been made that he would regularly have up to 20 nude African dancers doing ‘Bunga-Bunga’-style nude dances at a party, and that he shelled out $5 million to a certain Moroccan belly dancer.

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