5 Shocking Confessions Of Fast Food Employees

Fast food is popular just about everywhere, because it’s cheap, easily attainable, and speedy. Unfortunately, the speed that gives fast food its name can sometimes result in corners being cut and shoddy practices behind the scenes. You as the customer usually won’t get to see behind the curtain to know what’s really happening to your food. Fortunately, we have employees from the fast food industry willing to confess the secrets of their restaurants to the world! Read on to discover some disturbing confessions of fast food employees.


1. Don’t eat grilled chicken at Sonic…Ever




“I worked at Sonic in high school. DO NOT, EVER, GET THE GRILLED CHICKEN. Sure it’s grilled. From a frozen chicken patty. After it was cooked, it was then thrown into a steam broiler to keep it warm. The rule book said replace them every 2 hours, but my manager would yell at me if I pulled them out earlier than 4 hours. After 2 hours, the chicken becomes hard and rubbery and tastes like crap. Besides that, the worst thing about that place was the floors were unbelievably greasy and even proper work shoes didn’t help prevent slipping.”

– MightyMackinac on Reddit

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