5 Secrets That Only Professionals In The Industry Know

Every job has its quirks, but there are some professions in which the workers are hiding way more than you would have ever thought. Whether it’s a piece of information that would make their job redundant or simply something that would make people incredibly furious, workers in all sorts of fields are hiding things that they don’t want the general public to find out about. Here are some of the biggest secrets that only professionals in their trade know straight from the workers themselves.

1. Restaurant food tastes good because it’s full of salt and fat




Chefs need you to like their food so you keep coming back to their restaurant, so they don’t skimp when it comes to things that make food taste better? 99% of the time, that means salt and butter. If you want food that’s good for you, you’re probably better off making meals at home; more often than not, food from the ‘healthy’ section of the menu is the same as the regular version but without all the tasty salt and butter!

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