5 Pictures of a Russian Couple's 300-Pound Pet Brown Bear

23 years ago, a tiny orphaned bear was found lost in the woods near Moscow, Russia. He was weak, lonely, and in very bad shape, so Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko decided to take him in and nurture the cub back to health. They named him Stepan, and over two decades later, he’s still living with them!

These days, he’s 300 lbs., almost 7 feet tall, and almost certainly the most unique pet in Moscow. Despite the jaws, claws, fur, and appetite, he’s practically a human member of their family!

Stepan Gets The Bear Necessities


Stepan is truly a part of the family. Not only does he live with Svetlana and Yuriy, he joins them at the table as well. He’s even been known to enjoy the occasional cup of tea! Because of his size, the bear needs to eat 55 lb of fish, vegetables and eggs every day. It’s amazing that Stepan can eat so much, but he needs the energy; he loves outdoor games like soccer and plays them every chance he gets.

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