5 Most Expensive Mega-Mansions Across The Globe

Think back to the days of MTV Cribs. Athletes, musicians, and less-than-talented Snookie-type characters gave you a look at their lavish lifestyles on a tour through their massive homes. These often one-hit-wonders amazed viewers with silly amenities like hot tubs in living rooms and golden toilets. While many of these homes were impressive, most don’t come close to the homes of these billionaires. The craziest part of the ultra-rich lifestyle? These aren’t their only homes. Read on to see the most expensive homes in each country.


1. Fairfield Pond – Sagaponack, USA



The most expensive “home” in the United States is located at Four Fairfield Pond, New York. This Hamptons mega-mansion is owned by Ira Rennert, the American businessman in control of one of the world’s largest privately held industrial empires. With a net worth of $6.5 billion, it should come of no surprise that his house would drop jaws. The complex spans across 66,000 square feet. It has a bowling alley, a basketball court, 29 bedrooms, a whopping 39 bathrooms, squash and tennis courts, three swimming pools and a hot tub rumored to be worth $150,000. This estate and all its amenities is worth $248.5 million.

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