5 Celebrities Before And After Their Drastic Photoshop Makeovers

Using Photoshop to alter the appearance of celebrities in photo shoots, magazine covers, movie posters, and advertisements is incredibly common today. It’s a reality a lot of people have gotten used to, but don’t like at all.

Sometimes Photoshop is only used to alter the lighting or remove a zit, but it’s become increasingly common to use the tool to completely change the facial features and body structure of celebrities, resulting in unrealistic expectations of beauty.

1. Keira Knightly



This British beauty has often found herself to be the victim of Photoshop when it comes to photo shoots and magazine covers. In this example, the most obvious change is in the lighting. Her skin loses any hint of blemish and seems to glow almost unnaturally. Kiera Knightly is a beautiful woman, but her colors aren’t quite as intense as Photoshop makes it seem. Even her lips, earrings, and hair are given special treatment so the color is richer and they pop more. Perhaps most notably, she even loses all the tired skin beneath her eyes but gains a much fuller chest.

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