10 Urban Legends That Are Actually True

It’s hard to hear a far-fetched story and not wonder whether or not it might actually be true. There are plenty of wives-tales that came to be only in the interest of scaring kids in to behaving.

However, you’ll soon see that truth is sometimes scarier than fiction as we examine several urban legends that turned out to be true.

1. A girl is silently murdered in a library and no one notices..



There was a legend during the 1980’s of a woman of a ghost in the New York Public Library who had been quietly murdered during normal hours of operation.

Although this is merely a legend, one unfortunate girl was murdered in the library at Penn State. She was at the library doing research for a paper when she was stabbed in the chest. Other students were reportedly only a few book aisles away when it happened but did not report hearing anything unusual. She was found just minutes after being stabbed. Her murder remains unsovled to this day.

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