10 Secrets You Never Knew About ‘Breaking Bad’

Breaking Bad is undeniably one of the greatest shows that’s ever been on television. It’s perfectly cast, intelligently written, and skillfully directed. Thanks to the crazy attention to detail and all of the hidden subtext, you can’t help but get hooked on the story of mild-mannered Walt’s transformation into the drug kingpin Heisenberg.

You might have watched every episode of the show more than once, but here are some surprising secrets we bet you didn’t know.

1. The CEO of Sony America hated the idea



Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, read a newspaper article about a meth lab in Brooklyn that had been making children sick, and so the idea for the show was born. When he met with Sony executives to give the pitch, the CEO of Sony America called it “the single worst idea for a television show that I have heard in my whole life”. We’re guessing he’s glad he went for it anyways.

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